The Aries Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse occurs on October 18, 2013 at 7:38pm EDT (4:38pm PDT). This Aries Full Moon presents new and potentially dramatic revelations when it comes to leadership skills, relationships/partnerships, and the ability to begin new projects.
The time between the New and Full Moons you have been attracting what you have needed to manifest your goals. New people, experiences, information, opportunities are drawn to you in this phase. The Full Moon is the peak of the lunar phase. It has an intense energy and is the prime time to push through any barriers or perceived limitations that stand between you and what you want.
The dynamic duo of the Full Moon in Aries and Lunar Eclipse packs a very powerful one-two punch that make help you break free from old paradigms. Aries is the Cardinal Fire sign and is ruled by Mars – the planet of war. Mars fights for survival. Some questions you could ponder during this Full Moon in Aries are:
1) Where am I still fighting for my survival?
2) What family (tribal) patterns or beliefs still have authority over me?
3) What unfinished issues do I have with my family that inhibits my progression?
The Lunar Eclipse heightens the power of the Aries Full Moon. The polarity between the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries is a good time to look at where you stand in relationships, leaderships, and new beginnings. Aries represents the self and Libra represents others. There will be a strong pull between satisfying your desires with the desires of others. Aries focuses on self-expression, while Libra’s focus is on compromise.
This Full Moon encourages you to find balance between meeting your personal needs and the needs of others. The Aries Moon reminds you to look at being assertive, a leader, and courageous; while the energy of the Libra Sun is on maintaining relationships through compromise, negotiations, and balance. The Full Moon illuminates any imbalances that need your attention. Over the next two weeks you may see these imbalances come to light.
Are you feeling balanced in these areas? Do you see room for improvement? Pay attention to the subtle messages and longings of your heart. Do you want help in creating balance and healing longstanding emotional wounds?
Join us for the Full Moon in Aries Healing Class held on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at 9pm EDT (6pm PDT). During this live conference call we will discuss healing with the Aries Full Moon, balancing the First Power Center (Chakra) related to Aries, and use the power of Full Moon Meditation to release emotions, shifting beliefs and patterns.
As a result, you begin to vibrate at a different rate and attract different stuff to you. Click here to participate in the class. This event will also be recorded if you are unable to participate in the live event.
Prepare your Warrior spirit for the Full Moon in Aries. Learn to balance your needs with the needs of the group. Join us for the Full Moon in Aries Healing Class on Wednesday.