This is the second Full Moon in Aquarius in a row (Blue Moon). It  occurs on Tuesday August 20, 2013 at 9:45pm EDT (6:45pm PDT) and brings in the energy of cooperation and teamwork.
The Full Moon in Aquarius is about finding balance between what our personal desires and what is best for the group.  The Sun in Leo challenges us to let go of our personal desires and focus on the bigger picture. Sometimes we need to learn how to be a good teammate.
Leo encourages us to be loving and compassionate, giving us the courage to follow our dreams. It inspires us to change. The Aquarius focuses on intellect, brilliance, thinking outside of the box, and expressing your true self while connecting with community.
There is a balance between maintaining your unique individuality while finding a place in your community (family, family global, etc) and how to make a difference. During transitions use the inventiveness of the Aquarius Full Moon to help you transition towards your passions, soul purpose, and freedom.
Aquarius is the water bearer. She helps us wash away the old and allows the new to build. During this Full Moon take a few steps back and release what is no longer serving you. Forgiveness is a great motto to any Full Moon release. Forgiveness means to “give for.” The giving for process creates a vacuum which allows for new good to come in.
The Aquarius – Leo polarity also calls for balance between 6th Chakra (Third Eye – Aquarius) and 4th Chakra (Heart – Leo). Find creative ways to align the desires of the heart and the inspiration of the Third Eye. Look for imbalances such as over analyzing, headaches, fuzzy thinking, learning disabilities, inability to concentrate, strokes, seizures, blindness, and deafness.
Use meditation, journal, spending time in nature, and affirmations to clear the channels and connect with your Creator on a deep and personal level. Ask your guides to help you release false perceptions, and replace it with seeing the “truth” of yourself and all situations.
There will be no Full Moon call this month. The Full Moon Calls are being revamped and will resume soon.
Use the Aquarius Full Moon to create more freedom, equality, living your soul purpose, letting go of fear and mustering up the courage the move forward.
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