The Full Moon in Aquarius jump starts August and brings with it optimism and curiosity. The Full Moon officially occurs on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 10:27pm EDT (7:27pm PDT) and like every Full Moon brings a swell of emotions to the surface. Since this Full Moon is in Aquarius, an air sign, there may be more “thinking” about emotions than actually processing them.
The Full Moon phase marks the climax of the lunar cycle. With the Full Moon things reach their peak and emotions are intensified. Emotions are fluid, moving like liquid. With the additional gravitational pull the Full Moon has on the earth it illuminates any emotional issues, pain, and blocks that potentially stand between you and what you wish to manifest.
The polarity between the sun in Leo and the moon Aquarius are at work with this Full Moon. Leo symbolizes “the individual” and Aquarius symbolizes “the group.” The Full Moon in Aquarius brings a sense of belonging. There may be a strong desire to see how you fit into the world instead of feeling alone. The Aquarius Full Moon helps us get in touch with the group consciousness through friendships, associations, groups, alliances, and companionship. Are you interested in finding more like minded people? By asking your guides for assistance, you’ll be led to people who have similar beliefs. Find kindred spirits that support you. It will serve you well, helping you feel accepted for your similarities, and feelings of connectedness.
The Full Moon is a time to pay attention to your emotions. Aquarius may drum up unresolved issues related to high-school and learning how to adapt to society. It’s a great time to address the “angry teenager” within, realizing that you may not have been as awkward as you thought. It’s a tough time in life with extreme pressures of learning how to fit in. Emotions are racing, hormones are surging, and it’s a time of bridging the gap between being and child and growing into an adult. Forgive yourself, forgive others, and release the demons of the past.
The ego keeps you down by telling you all the things you’re doing wrong. But now is a good time to identify all the things you’re doing right. It’s easier to remember the bad stuff, so use a small notebook and write down what you are doing right. Then at moments when you want the ego wants to tear you down, take out the notebook and read all the good stuff you’re accomplishing. This exercise is proof to the ego that you are an amazing person. Your soul, guides and God want you to heal and it takes a conscious effort on your part to listen to the intuitive messages.
Do something to stay grounded during this airy Full Moon; take a walk in nature, meditate, or do yoga. It will help you focus so you actually work through the emotions versus thinking about it. Use the dreamy power of the Full Moon in Aquarius wisely to help you break through barriers and heal to your highest perfection!