The sumptuous Taurus New Moon brings in beauty and love.
As an earth sign, Taurus reminds us to ground ourselves and draw creativity and fertility. Taurus reminds us to embrace our feminine power and attributes. This Taurus New Moon brings to light self-worth issues and how that impacts your resources, possessions, security, money and wealth.
The Taurus New Moon
It takes place on Friday, May 6, 2016 at 3:30pm EDT (12:30pm PDT). Taurus encourages us to enjoy the finer things of life and do things that enhance our physical senses. Take time to savor food, stop and smell the roses, slow down and enjoy life are the messages with this new moon. As an earth sign, Taurus gets us in touch with what we value, and how we value ourselves. Enjoying activities that tune us into nature will help us be mindful of what’s taking place on our inner world. With Taurus we have the opportunity to re-evaluate what makes us feel secure and comfortable.
Cultivating Abundance
Taurus provides a space for us to transform the way we think and communicate what we value and how we value ourselves. We cultivate abundance through self-sufficiency, discipline, utilizing available resources, and persistently working towards our goals. Taurus encourages us to let go of self-defeating behavior and victimization. It inspires us to be grateful for what resources we have instead of grieving what we don’t. Through discipline and hard work we gain ground on whatever goals we have when we recognize the growth we have made.
Taurus and the 2nd Chakra
Taurus relates to our core values and what sustains us including our desires and fears. Within the 2nd chakra we are to learn how to value ourselves and sustain life by honoring our divinity. During this new moon notice what actions you take that reduce your power or place you’ve given it away. It’s a good time to stop giving yourself away while acknowledging any fears that motivate this activity. Taurus is a deeply receptive energy that reminds us to embrace the characteristics we admire in others and begin imitating them.
Taurus and the 2nd House
The 2nd House is the House of Value. Here we blend both the physical, material and the non-physical immaterial things we value. This may include our belongings, what we acquire in life, our resources, money and wealth. On the immaterial level this includes how we view ourselves, resources such as faith, our attunement to the physical and non-physical world, and how we view our ability to earn income. This is a good new moon to review your resources and possessions, taking note of where you’re holding on to tightly to actual possessions and beliefs that money/wealth will set you free. True freedom is achieved when we learn to detach from the material world and chasing assets and being more receptive to the gifts the universe provides.
Every New Moon is Unique
Each new moon enhances specific characteristics that are unique to the astrology sign the moon is moving through. Some signs are easy to transition through and others are more challenging. But each one holds opportunities for us to learn more about us and evolve.
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Enjoy the Taurus New Moon
Do something to honor yourself with the Taurus New Moon. Be receptive to the rich, nurturing, fertile energy by appreciating yourself. Indulge your senses and pamper yourself.