We leave the deeply transformative Scorpio energy as we step in the Sun moves into Sagittarius tomorrow. Along with this transition, Chiron shifts direct after being five months retrograde in the emotional waters of Pisces. During these past five months, Chiron has been reaching to our emotional core, bringing to the surface deep seeded emotions that need to be resolved.
In mythology, Chiron was the wisest of the Centaurs (half god half horse). He depicts the archetype of the wounded healer within each of us. He was accidentally wounded during battle. Because he was immortelle, the venom from the arrow caused him eternal torment. In search of his own cure, he learned how to heal others. He found great solace in teaching other how to heal their pain. As we learn what emotional wounds need to be resolved, we too become a great reservoir of wisdom, assisting others in their healing.
I bring this up, because Chiron is a part of our astrological chart. It is slow moving, and takes 50 years to return to its original placement during our birth. When looking at our astrological chart, it is helpful to understand what House Chiron falls in so we can identify the life lessons that fall within that House.
For me, Chiron falls in my Eighth House, The House of Reincarnation, cycles of death and rebirth, physic issues, regeneration, and self-transformation. It also falls in Pisces which focuses on healing deep emotional issues. What this tells me, is that as I learn to heal myself, I become healed as I teach others how to heal their emotional wounds and transform their lives.
Now I bring this up for two reasons, one because Chiron is helping stabilize the transformation you are going through and your connection with others. And two, by learning about Chiron you glean insight into the path of your healing as you investigate what House Chiron falls in your birth chart.
Buddha said, “Our sorrows and wounds are only healed when we touch them with compassion.”
We each face trials that help us heal, deepen our understanding of ourselves, and also help us see the struggles of others with compassion. Our experiences in healing end up being a great source of wisdom and guidance for others. Chiron teaches us that we can overcome emotional pain and spiritual distress, transcending it into wisdom.
Enjoy the emotional reprieve as Chiron turns direct today!

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