The Sagittarius Full Moon is dynamic and assertive. It reveals the truth of situations, relationships, or seeing your personal truth. The Full Moon is a time of closure, completion, and a culmination of your efforts. The full moon is often emotionally charged, as people and situations trigger fears. Since it’s the peak of the lunar cycle, it’s reflective and illuminates unseen elements of  your unconscious mind and psyche.

Sagittarius Full Moon
The Sagittarius Full Moon Elevates Your Dreams! It’s inspiring, fun and assertive helping you leap forward with your goals. As a fire sign, it inspires you to take action. The degree this Full Moon is taking place is at the same degree as the Galactic Center.

The Galactic Center contains and emits cosmic information from which everything is circling around. This full moon may be a very potent opportunity for you to tie into your divine purpose and consider setting bigger goals that you never thought were possible. This highly creative time is very magnetic, helping you attract the resources you need to expand your vision. The Sagittarius Full Moon takes place on June 17, 2019 at 4:30 am ET (1:30 am PT).

Sacred Geometry
There is a substantial alignment of planets that are influencing you. It’s important to consider where your thoughts and emotions are at all times. Are you aligned with your divine truth or are you stuck in fear? With the Gemini New Moon I suggested that you commit to being impeccable with your word. Are you following that and honoring yourself?

A Full Moon takes place when the Sun and Moon are opposite of each other. The Moon in Sagittarius brings up the truth of the situation. It expands the higher mind, which includes philosophy, higher education, and expanding your perspective with foreign travel. The Sun in Gemini expands your thoughts. It infuses your creativity with bright ideas. What inspiration is coming to light with the Full Moon? Listen to your inner compass to provide direction.

Growth & Expansion!
The Sagittarius Full Moon is influenced by Jupiter, who is also in Sagittarius. It is expanding your ideas and inspiring your vision. Jupiter provides a sense of optimism. Being in Sagittarius it helps you see into the future or perhaps the future you would like to create. Jupiter is in a square position with Neptune causing your ideas, dreams and perspectives to broaden. There is an idealistic, dreamlike quality to this Full Moon. Pay attention to your dreams and take inspired action. You may connect with the right people or situations to take your goals to a new level. Are you ready? Use the optimism of Jupiter and the moon in Sagittarius to for your growth and expansion.

Other Influences
Around the time of the Sagittarius Full Moon, Mars is moving through Cancer. It’s bringing to light where you’re feeling vulnerable. In addition to the Sun and Moon opposition, Saturn in Capricorn is opposite of Mars. It’s presenting possibilities related to restructuring the laws, boundaries, and limitations you’re experiencing. Mars wants to move quickly and make dramatic changes, while Saturn is bureaucratic, moving slowing towards long term change. Mars is activating some big players in your chart, helping you get ideas off the ground by breaking your free from the patterns and programs that hold you back. Mars, Mercury and the North Node will be conjunct (together) which helps you be quick thinking and perhaps providing insight into your future. How is this influencing you? Review your birth chart with transits to see which houses it is moving through for you.

What goals are coming to fruition with the Sagittarius Full Moon? Review the goals you set six months ago with the Sagittarius New Moon. You may have reached them, see insight to take you further or make adjustments to enhance your success.

What will you do Release with the Sagittarius Full Moon?

What will you Reclaim?

Happy Full Moon!