The Pisces Full Moon is stirring up infinite possibilities. As a highly sensitive, water sign, Pisces provides a channel to support connecting more deeply to your Divine source if you’re willing to tune-in.

Pisces Full Moon
The moon reaches its peak on August 26, 2018 at 7:56 am (4:56 am PDT). It’s a catalyst for imagination, optimism, and the ability to dream big. The full moon always shines a light on what wants to be known or shown to you. To strategically work with it, review your birth chart to see what astrology House it’s falling in for you.

Pisces – Virgo Axis
When the full moon there is a need to find balance. The Pisces moon is dreamy, mystical, and spiritual. It may also brings up confusion and feeling victimized. As a water sign, Pisces is highly sensitive and feels emotions deeply. The Virgo sun is critical, efficient, and tackles daily details. As an earth sign, it is grounded and practical. With this full moon there may be frustrations related to feeling overwhelmed by the details and daily tasks or perhaps situations crop up where you feel like a victim. Notice what emotions are coming up. The moon is reflecting what you’re projecting from within. By shifting your perspective, you may see the Divine Details that take your life to the next level. It’s a prime opportunity to enhance your self-worth. Take time with the full moon to release emotions as the come up, and reclaim your personal power.

Tools for the Pisces Full Moon
Use meditation, journaling, yoga, and essential oils to open your intuitive channels. Be receptive and allow messages to flow as you tune in. Be patient with yourself. Pisces is a gentle, soft energy. It speaks to you in whispers. So quiet your mind and listen to your heart. Expect magic and miracles so you attune yourself with the vibration of infinite possibilities. Write a gratitude list or send gratitude notes. An attitude of gratitude gets you out of feeling victimized, raises your vibe so you attract good stuff to you.

Pisces Full Moon Essential Oils
With emotions stirring, use oils that help manage your emotions. Tree oils and other earth oils to help you feel more grounded. Trees – they grow slowly, and provide stable, steady growth. A great blend for the Pisces Full Moon is doTERRA’s Balance Blend. This combines four tree oils – Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Ho Wood essential oils. Place a drop or two in your hands and breathe it in deeply, apply to the bottom of your feet to help you connect your roots to the earth. Some of my other favorite oils for the Pisces full moon are Copaiba, Vetiver and Myrrh. Both of these essential oils have a deep, grounding affect on your body. I often use them on the bottom of my feet before going to bed to inspire deeper and more restful sleep. Are you looking to enhance your intuition? Using essential oils such as Roman Chamomile, Sandalwood, and Frankincense will help you connect more deeply with your higher-self.

Other Astrology Influences
During the full moon, there is also a Grand Trine in Earth signs. This simply means that there are planets in all of the earth signs. The sun (personality) is in Virgo, Pluto (stability) is in Capricorn, and Uranus (transformation) is in Taurus. These planets in earth signs support you in expanding your dreams, and dreaming bigger than ever. Spend time anchoring your deepest desires during the full moon. The Earth element supports creating them on the physical plane.

Use astrology strategically to see what patterns are taking place for you. By understanding what house this moon is falling in for you, you can make adjustments to your life or maximize its benefits.

Expect the unexpected. Anticipate miracles. Engage in infinite possibilities. And let your day dreams create your new reality.

With the Pisces Full Moon what are you willing to release?
What are you ready to reclaim?

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