The Pisces Full Moon
With the moon in Pisces we are often more dreamy, romantic, and sensitive. Our spirituality is heightened and reality may seem a bit harsh. With Pisces, there may feelings around the need to escape. Pisces helps us be more compassionate and lend a helping hand to anyone we encounter who needs it. Pisces influences our intuition and emotions.
The Pisces Full Moon occurs on September 16, 2016 at 3:05pm EDT (12:05pm PDT). We experience a lunar eclipse along with this full moon, making it more intense and interesting. The effects of this full moon eclipse could be felt for the next six months. We have been in “eclipse season” for the past month with a a partial lunar eclipse last month in Aquarius, the Virgo new moon a couple of weeks ago, and now the lunar eclipse in Pisces.
The Lunar Eclipse
A lunar eclipses is like a “super big” full moon. This provides a cycle of closure and completion. It is also a time of bringing dreams to fruition. The full moons reflect the light and help us “see” what we are missing. With the eclipse and full moon, there may be a reveal of something you were unaware of before. This will help you understand yourself better and perhaps help you see a different direction.
Enhanced Intensity
The full moon is usually a more intense time. It is a time of release. The lunar eclipse intensifies this even more. As we get closer to the full moon, see what area of life is being highlighted for you. This will help you understand what area of your life is being activated so you can work fully with the energy.
Pisces Focus
The full moon is like a cosmic spotlight, highlighting areas of our lives where we have been stuck. Take note of any tendencies for escapism. This isn’t a time to put your head in the sand. It’s an opportunity to clear the channels and allow clarity to step forth. With Pisces, let go of addictions — especially the need to control everything. Observe yourself in relationship to anything you hold tightly. Relax, and address these situations with compassion and understanding.
The Pisces – Virgo Axis
This opposition reminds us to review how we are an integrated and spiritual being (Pisces) with our ideals (Virgo). Pisces is emotional and receptive. It shows us what is still hidden in the unconscious including unresolved pain. It causes us to question our spiritual development and perhaps takes us to a deep level of understanding. Virgo supports us in addressing the structures we hold onto. It helps us see what is working and what needs further development. The potential for deep cleaning is available with this full moon, if we are open to the emotional cleansing it provides.
How to work with the Pisces Full Moon:
1) Connect with the spirit world
Pisces ruling our unconscious, enhances our ability to connect with the spirit world. Be open to hunches, gut instincts, and repeating messages. These all help direct us on the right path. Also be open to messages during your dream time and memories that pop up out of no where about your ancestors. There is an opportunity for deep healing at this time.
2) Spend time in water
As a water sign, Pisces helps us let go of the emotions that flow through our system. Spend time at the ocean, swim in a lake, wade in a river, or take an Epsom salt bath. Interact with water and feel it’s magic move within you. Learn to move with the ebb and tide of life. Letting go of to need to control, and go with the flow.
3) Releasing ritual
Since Pisces is a water sign, I love creating rituals around using water. When noticing what emotions or patterns are coming up for me, I have taking a walk by the river, found a stick and blew my intentions to release into it. Then I throw the stick into the river and watch it drift away.
Writing is another powerful tool to help organize your thoughts and emotions. Write about whatever emotions or issues are arising, expressing all of your thoughts. Then on the day of the full moon burn your list. I often take my notes to the beach and burn it, allowing the waves to carry away the ash and whatever I’m releasing.
5) Closure
Since Pisces is the last of the zodiac signs, this is a good time to reflect on places of your life you’re willing to close the door. By letting go, you allow yourself to make room for something new. This is also a good time to review goals you set six months ago with the Pisces New Moon. Notice progress you’ve made and perceptions that shifted, helping you move closer to achieving them.
Support with essential oils
Essential oils provide balance and support to our physical and emotional body. Use essential oils that inspire you to let go, address emotions, face fears, and honor yourself. Get a massage with a couple of your favorite essential oils during the full moon. With this full moon I’ll be using Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Juniper Berry for grounding and supporting anything that needs to be released.
Enjoy this powerful Pisces Full Moon and eclipse. Honor yourself by going with the flow.