We close out the year with the Capricorn New Moon.
It takes place on December 29, 2016 at 1:54am EDT (10:54pm PDT Dec 28th). What better way to end the year then with a New Moon to support our New Year’s goals!
Let’s face it, it’s been a tough year!
With 2016 being a “9” year in numerology we experienced closure on many different levels. There was deep healing that took place, as we were faced to look at challenging situations and heal deep wounds. It wasn’t easy to unmask ourselves and see our truth, but it will be worth it. I keep hearing from people that they feel a little lighter, like the fog has lifted and there is a change in perceptions. The New Year holds new hopes and dreams to be a bit better than the one before.
Start the New Year out right!
Capricorn is always pushing us to be better and do better. It makes steady strides as we ascend the mountain. As an earth sign it puts into practical action what we envisioned with the Sagittarius New Moon. It is grounding and helps us anchor our goals to the earth – giving us the sensible route to achieve our dreams. At this time, our consciousness and awareness is expanding. As a result of this awakening, we will experience more joy. This shift in vibration allows us to experience life from a new perspective. We may experience sudden out of the blue opportunities or shifts in consciousness that allow us to experience life differently.
Breaking Status Quo
Capricorn is innovative and creative. It helps us create sustainable systems that take our goals forward. It provides practical steps that help us be more organized and put things in order to follow our path. It helps us see our inner strength, and follow our ambition. It helps us break free from the status quo and follow our heart’s desires. Since it rules the 10th House of Career and Social Status, it encourages us to see beyond our human perspectives and bring to life the deepest desires to contribute our gifts and talents to better our experience here on earth. It’s important to follow through with ideas and use the Capricorn energy to help ground them into the earth energy so they manifest in physical form.
Questions to Ponder
Journaling is a powerful way to activate the synapsis in our brain. Writing out your New Year’s goals engages more neurons than typing them. And who doesn’t want their brain to be more active? Write about one or two of the journal prompts. Which ones inspire you? Which ones do you hesitate in answering? The hard ones are the ones that help you understanding yourself better. As we learn more about what motivates us, and what unmet needs we are trying to accommodate, we’re more likely to achieve our goals. Be reflective of what you have achieved and be open to making 2017 a little bit better and brighter for you!
Capricorn and the Chakras
Capricorn is associated with he Third Eye or Brow Chakra. This chakra is located in the center of the head as is connected with our intuition. It sharpens our senses and has the ability to read the future when we are still enough to listen. When we are open and can anticipate what is coming up we avoid emotional drama and follow the path of our higher self. Set aside time every day to quiet the mind and still the heart, allowing yourself to receive guidance and direction from your higher self. Imbalances within this chakra may show up as nervous energy, nervous system issues, difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbances, foggy brain function, difficulty in making decisions, pain in the eyes, and depression. Spending time in nature to clear your head, practicing yoga, meditation, or prayer can help restore balance and eliminate these issues.
Capricorn and Essential Oils
As a Capricorn I can tell you my favorite oil to work with is Frankincense. As has a vast array of healthy benefits from supporting health brain function to supporting the immune system. Emotionally and spiritually it helps us in seeing our truth. It also supports us in resolving emotional issues related to authority and father figures. And let’s face it – we’ve been caught in this battle of the sexes for far too long! It’s time to resolve these issues and move forward. There is no need for this constant need to prove that one is better than the other. We all have both masculine and feminine energy within us, it’s time to embrace the beauty each aspect brings us. As a result, we create more balance within us, which in turn create more balance outside of us.
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Cultivate Excellence!
The Capricorn New Moon inspires us to cultivate the most excellent version of ourselves. It holds us to a higher order and helps us climb the mountain of success in whatever we do. Be inspired with the New Year with the Capricorn New Moon!
Cheers to creating an amazing 2017!
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