The Leo Full Moon — creative self-expression
On Saturday, January 23, 2016 the moon reaches it’s peak at 8:46pm EST. The Leo Full Moon inspires creative self-expression. Leo is proud, passionate, and spontaneous; wanting to express itself through playfulness. Leo wants to be more than just a team player. It wants your inner light to shine. During this Full Moon you may be more creative and expressive than normal. You may be inspired to take a new direction or have innovative ideas that move your dreams forward.
Heart-Centered Leo
The desires of the heart move us in mysterious ways. What subtle messages are whispering to you? When fueled by passion, the sky is the limit with Leo. The heart knows what it wants and when we are willing to listen and follow, dreams become reality. The Leo Full moon magnifies our passions and drives us to be successful. It is playful and fun. Think back to your childhood. What did you want to do? What did you pretend to be? These are clues that may reignite the spark within if you’re willing to listen.
What wants to be expressed through you?
This is my theme this year. I ask that question everyday. What wants to be expressed through me today? I’m amazed at what is coming up. No longer is my ego or mind setting the agenda. I’m allowing the spirit of money, essential oils, I Ching, and other tools to work directly through me to better my life and those I work with. So, what wants to be expressed through you? This Leo Full Moon is a good one to seek direction and insight.
Balancing Leo and Aquarius
With the Full Moon, look at balancing personal needs (Leo) with collective needs (Aquarius). Aquarius reminds us that we are here to serve humanity. What does that look like for you? Use your talents to help other people. Perhaps that means getting involved in the community to teach something you’re passionate about or interested in sharing with others. We are here to learn from each other and support our life together.
Balancing Emotions
The Full Moon is a highly charged, emotional time. Look at other people and what they are reflecting to you. Are you getting agitated over a particular habit someone has? What emotion is it evoking within you? Then look at how you may act or create a similar reaction in others. The Full Moon is like a mirror. Whatever is outside of us stirring up emotions is probably something you need to resolve within.
Take time to journal what your feel. Then release your emotions, habits, or beliefs to the sun or burn the list allowing the smoke to remove the emotions or behavior. Once released, replace the emotions with what you want to feel. For example, you have low self-worth. Write down, I feel unworthy, or maybe there are specific incidents that cause you to feel that way. Then focus your attention on letting go of feeling unworthy. As you release it, envision the sun filling you up with confidence, feeling worthy and deserving. Each day notice when you feel worthy or something happens to boost your confidence.
Creative Juices
Allow the creative juices to flow with the Leo Full Moon — doodle, write, brainstorm, mastermind with like-minded people; find anything that inspires you to see the world from a different perspective. You never know what bright ideas will come up. Review your goals from the Leo New Moon six months ago to see where you’ve made progress and what you’ve achieved since then. Whatever you do, be passionate, have fun, and enjoy the Leo Full Moon.