The Magnetic Leo Full Moon is expressive and radiant. It’s revealing what you love, how to live with a deeper sense of meaning and letting your light shine. It’s boosting your confidence and being joyful. As you manage your emotions, you become magnetic, drawing to you all of the goodness you desire.

Leo Full Moon
The fiery Leo energy is loving and playful. She’s inspiring you to connect with your inner child and look at life with a renewed sense of wonder. It reminds you to tune in with what brings you joy and what lights you up. It’s encouraging you to live with a deeper state of awareness. What are you feeling? What is your gut telling you?

The Leo Full Moon takes place on February 9, 2020 at 2:33 am ET (Feb 8th 11:33 pm PT).  Leo is heart centered energy, and  inspires you to shine your light out into the world (Aquarius). It helps you review the fruits of your labor and seeing the culmination of your efforts. You may be feeling rewarded and acknowledged for your accomplishments. Whatever house this is falling in for you, Leo will boost your confidence and expands your vision.

Living Heart Centered
The Leo/Aquarius axis opens your heart. living with love and compassion. The full moon illuminates and reveals parts of you or situations that are hidden from your perception. Sometimes this is also a shift in perspective. Leo supports you in being courageous and taking risks. It’s meant to bring you into your heart and heart’s desires. It may give you insight into and lead you towards what you really want. You may feel it necessary to pull your energy back in as you determine the next steps.

Aquarius is the astrology sign opporsite of Leo. It’s futuristic, original ideas, leaps in technology, innovation, intellect, and head centered.  Leo rules the heart. The polarity between the Leo Moon and Aquarius Sun is a call to balance the head and heart. It’s reminding you to tune into both the head and heart to find the truth. Leo emphasizes finding and expanding your courage. The moon reflects where you’re not being courageous and giving you confidence to take more risks, take a leap of faith, and take the Shero’s journey!  At this transition, the moon is helping you be brave, diving deeper into greater wisdom.

Leo and Aquarius are helping you spread your joy with love and enthusiasm. It’s time to play big, and stretch your energy out to others who need it. How do you light up other people’s lives? How can you expand  that light? What vibration do you want to project? And how can you connect deeply with it now? What tools help your heart be more open?

Other Planetary Influences
Mars in Sagittarius is crossing over the Galactic Center. Projects you’ve been thinking about, working on or intentions you set back in November are moving forward. Mars triggers action. Mars activates and energizes you. With it crossing over the Galactic center there is cosmic informaiton coming to light, helping you understand new possibilities. Trust what feels right for you and take action on it.

Venus in moving through Aries. She is connecting with Chiron. Venus is compassionate and loving. With Chiron the wounded healer, Venus is healing deeper levels of yourself. Practice self love. With this transit you may have new perspectives and the courage to be in your power.  It’s helping you understand how to navigate life more effectively as you stand more fully in your power.

Mercury is slowing down as it prepares to go retrograde on February 15th.  This retrograde will be taking place is Pisces. Since Pisces is the end of the astrology wheel, this Mercury retrograde is helping you complete a cycle.  Where have you been limiting yourself? Pisces reveals what’s hidden in your subconscious mind and shadow side. It’s supporting you in breaking free from old patterns and step into a new level of consciousness and spiritual growth. It’s important to note what’s taking place for you. Mercury is helping you tune into your intuition and following your gut instincts.

Leo/Aquarius axis celebrates your growth. It inspires you to take action. What house in your chart does it fall in? Pull your astrolgy birthchart with transits to see how it’s affecting you.

This Full Moon is launching your ideas forward. It’s time to celebrate what you’ve achieved and prepare for the next step. Release your perceptions and programming that holds you back. It’s time to play in your Genius Zone, playing full out. Are you noticing patterns from the Leo/Aquarius we’ve had for the past two years? What is coming to fruition? What needs to be adjusted? Use these journal prompts to inspire you and maximize this rich Leo energy. Observe how you are living and see what adjustments you feel inspired to make. Listen to both the messages from your heart (Leo) and your head (Aquarius) to determine your next step.

Review your birth chart and see what astrology house the Full Leo Moon is moving through for you. This will help you align your intentions with the loving, compassionate, and playful energy of the Leo Full Moon.

How will you love yourself and others more?

What comforts will make you feel more at home?

What ideas and gifts are you ready to share with the world?

Answering these questions will help you navigate your emotions and this full moon.

What will you do release with the Leo Full Moon?

What will you reclaim?

Happy Leo Full Moon!