The Libra Full Moon reveals balance in your life and your relationships. It’s providing insight into your emotional needs and resolving conflict.  It’s supporting you in finding balance between your personal needs and healthy relationships. Each Full Moon illuminates areas of your life where you’re unaware of your behavior and emotions that hold you back for achieving and receiving more. It helps you breakthrough limitations by highlighting the blind spots so you can make adjustments.

Libra Full Moon
The Libra Full Moon takes place on April 7, 2020 at 10:34 pm ET (7:34 pm PT).  Libra is  objective. It brings to light the other side of the story and other people’s perspectives. It represents balance, fairness, justice, partnerships, harmony and the equanimity needed to maintain a relationship.  Since relationships involve other people, it helps you gain insight about yourself through other people’s perspectives. The Libra Full Moon reminds you that you don’t have to figure it out alone.

The full moon brings emotions to a head, helping you see imbalances and situations where you’ve giving or taking too much. This full moon will help restore balance.

The Libra Full Moon is asking you to review and balance the scales. When life is hectic, it’s sometimes difficult to slow down and review. As we are being forced to pause, it’s providing opportunities to re-evaluate your life and your relationships with everything. This includes relationships with others, yourself, your work, nature, money, etc. With the Libra and Aries axis there is a need for balance between the your personal needs (Aries), and the needs of others (Libra). What relationships support you at this time? This full moon illuminates opportunities for sharing, cooperation, reassessing common goals, and creating win-win situations.

Relationships are intended to help you grow. They often reflect fears and help you make different choices to resolve them. The Full Moon brings to light deep seated emotional wounds. Take note of who is triggering you. What emotions are coming up? Who do you need to forgive?  Conflict gives you the opportunity to respond differently. Speak up, express how you feel and see what happens. Until you do, they don’t know what you’re thinking or feeling.  It’s important to validate what you’re feeling and finding places where there is inequity in power. Where are you taking power from others or they are taking your power away? Review your relationships and set healthy boundaries that honor yourself and support you in reclaiming your power.

Knowing what area of  your birth chart this is affecting in understanding yourself better. Pull your chart with transits (see video – click here) to see what astrology House this is falling in for you. This will provide insight into what the Libra Full Moon may reveal for you. For example, is it falling in your 3rd House of communication and networking, how can you balance your needs and desires with others using your words and other forms of communication? Is it taking place in your 5th House of fun and creativity? If so, how can you bring more fun or creativity to your partnerships?

Use these journal prompts to help you identify imbalances you’re experiencing. Writing gives your thoughts and emotions tangible form. When you write them out you often find solutions or release emotional wounds.

Keep in mind, with this full moon it’s important to be receiving as well as giving. What fills up your emotional cup? The moon always highlights your emotional needs.  With many people experiencing fear and chaos, it’s important to detach from other people’s emotions and focus on your own. Dig into your spiritual toolbox to find what support you emotionally at this time, such as meditation, breathe work, essential oils and inspiring music.

The day prior to the Libra Full Moon we have a Grand Trine in air signs. What that means is there is a triangle created between the moon (emotions) in Libra, Venus (love & money) in Gemini, and Mars (action) and Saturn (structure, limitations) in Aquarius. This Grand Trine is revealing new ideas, inspiration, and aligning you with what you love. The air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) relate to interacting with people, ideas, innovation and conversations. At this time, seeds of inspiration is getting planted, whether it’s through direct conversations or something you see or overhear. It’s opening your mind to consider other options. It’s an important time to watch your thoughts, and ensure you’re staying positive. Review where these planets are in your birth chart to see how this is impacting you.

On April 14-15th, the Sun will be in a square with Jupiter (luck, expansion) and Pluto (purging, releasing) in Capricorn. These two planets are calling you to reinvent yourself and how you present yourself in the world. This includes your career, social status, your legacy and reputation. You may be seeing a shift in your perspective related to what work you want to do. You may feel like you’re being pulled apart as these two planets are like two magnets repelling each other. It’s not a breakdown, it’s helping you breakthrough so you’re aligned with your soul’s desires.

Mercury (communication) in Pisces (intuition, spirituality) is helping you intuitively connect with future options. You may feel inspired to make transitions this year as you prepare for your next step. Anytime changes are necessary there is often resistance. Have faith in the process and follow each step in front of you instead of trying to control the entire process. When you take one step at a time, you’ll be guided towards a better outcome then you could have imagined. Trust me… it’s worth it! To make the most of this transition, review your astrology birth chart to see what House this is falling in for you. It will provide insight into the direction you’re moving, making transitions easier.

What will you do Release with the Libra Full Moon?

What parts of yourself will you Reclaim?

Happy Libra Full Moon!