Everything begins with a thought.
The mythical twins, Gemini, were born talking with each other. This Gemini Full Moon you may feel more inclined to communicate more than your fair share. It encourages you to express anything you’ve been holding back.
Full moon represents an energetic peak.
It shines its powerful light on whatever is coming full circle in your life. There could be some interesting declarations and confessions come to light with this one. Be open to listening more and talking less. The Universe may give you exactly what you need to more forward with your goals. The Gemini Full Moon occurs on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 at 5:44 pm EST (2:44 pm PST).
Movement in ideas
Gemini rules the lower mind, communication, and is interested in moving ideas forward. Any projects related to speaking, teaching, and writing will be a good place to focus at this time. Gemini supports your commication skills. Communication is the key to expanding your presence. The mind is such a powerful tool. Through consciousness we change everything. The power of the mind heals the body, strengthens the spirit, and enhances all of your connections.
Tips to navigate the Gemini Full Moon
1) Listen more. When you truly listen to someone you open up space for information to flow versus judging or reacting to the information. Stop interrupting, and allow others to finish their thought. Do you want to be heard more? Then listen more. You get what you give.
2) Seek like-minded people. Gemini is the social butterfly. When ideas are communicated you receive feedback and solutions to take them to the next level. Talk about your dreams with like-minded people, seek social opportunities to expand your circle of influence, and express yourself in new ways.
3) Let go. I know I say this often. But here’s an expansive exercise. Have you ever waited for someone to apologize and they never do? Perhaps their stubborn pride and ego just won’t budge. Write a letter from their higher-self to you. This shifts the energy on a higher dimension. You may feel relieved and finally move forward. Using doTERRA’s new Forgive blend while practicing this exercise will support resolving the energy.
What message do you need to convey?
Gemini governs your thoughts and ability to effectively communicate them. Take note of repeating messages or urges to speak up. It’s the Gemini energy that’s helping your make the changes to enhance your relationship with others. Gemini helps move things forward through networking and socializing. So get out there and be social.
Sagittarius is the visionary.
Sagittarius is the opposite sign to Gemini. It supports you in seeing the truth of yourself and relationships. It encourages honest and open communication, taking relationships to new levels. It rules the higher mind, spiritual consciousness, and expanding consciousness. It inspires you to take action and be brave. You are worth so much more. Don’t settle for anything less.
Consciousness expanded.
When you focus on always giving life your best, you receive the best in return. During this full moon notice opportunities that seem to come out of the blue. Follow through with all leads no matter how far fetched they seem. The more mindful you are of what is taking place around you, the easier it is to navigate life. Practice the Mindfulness Techniques at ManifestingEssentials.com to help you manage thoughts, emotions, and yourself in a new way.
Honor yourself.
With the full moon, all kinds of stuff gets brought to the surface. It isn’t punishment or a reason to feel victimized. It’s an opportunity to release and resolve hidden aspects of yourself. Take note of what emotions are surfacing. Use journaling to get to the heart of how you feel. Use essential oils to support and release the old stuff, so you’re ready for the next step.
Giving Thanks!
I love Thanksgiving! It’s one of my favorite times of the year. I’m so grateful for YOU and your participation with New Moon Manifesting. I love manifesting. And I do this to help people learn how to manifest their dreams. I hope it helps you find the courage and take the steps to follow your heart. Sending waves of love to y’all this Thanksgiving!