Color Your World

Use this powerful Aquarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse to change yourself. Bring more color into your life – physically and emotionally. Add more color into your speech, your home, and let your unique personality color your world differently. Change things up. Do something out of the ordinary that expresses your true passions.

Aquarius Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse
The Full Moon in Aquarius provides a portal for shifting humanity and the collective consciousness to a new level.  The full moon shines its light on whatever needs to be resolved in your life, or brought to your awareness. The lunar eclipse intensifies this full moon, and provides a doorway into upgrading your life and seeing yourself differently.  Emotions may run high and be erratic. Since this is taking place in Aquarius there may be changes in friendships. It may also bring to light social issues that you’re passionate about.  It takes place on July 27, 2018 at 4:20pm EDT (1:20pm PDT).

Capitalizing on the Eclipse
Eclipses are a portal of deep healing, awakening, and transformation. Used wisely you can catapult your life in a new direction. They present a profound opportunity for change that lasts about six months. With the Aquarius influence, you may be inspired to be more compassionate and care deeply for others – whether it’s your family, friends, co-workers or community, look at the role you play in contributing to society. You have a six month window to practice and perfect!

Sizzling Summer
Over the next six month this Full Moon and Eclipse may create profound changes that take place quickly. Aquarius provides new ideas and inspiration and Mars is also in Aquarius and very close to the moon stirring up changes. Mars symbolizes freedom, struggle, war, movement and action. There may be changes in community, and social revolutions that provide resources for everyone.  There may be inspiration related to finding new ways of solving old problems. This full moon may be activating you towards action you’ve been talking about, but now finally feel inspired to follow through. Mars is pouring its energy into Aquarius, influencing these changes. Uranus is another key player in this full moon as it is sitting at a square with Mars, the sun and moon. Uranus is activating additional changes towards higher consciousness, as it is a higher frequency of communication. As such, you may receive amazing downloads of information if you’re open and allow yourself to receive.

What is this full moon inspiring within you?

What is being activated? 

Pull your astrology birth chart to discover what area of your life you should focus upon.

Lessons from Ants
Have you ever watched ants?  They follow the same path to complete their task. If an obstacle is put in their path, which forces them out of their patterns they freak out. The bustle around trying to regain the patterns.  Well this full moon may be doing the same thing to shake you out of old habits, past patterns, and emotional wounds that no longer serve you. With this full moon, the Universe may be putting things in your path that relate to shifting your perceptions and providing opportunities for personal breakthroughs.  You may work through difficult situations that you didn’t think you could handle, and realize you’re stronger than you thought.  You may finally let go of feeling victimized, and begin standing in your power. Take note of subtle changes and nuances in the way you feel and act towards others.  This will help you see the changes that are moving your forward. You may see that you’re no longer stuck because Aquarius brings in freedom, helping you see new choices or things from a different angle. Be open and receptive to the perceived obstacles by using tools to maintain inner peace.

Navigating Peace
Since the eclipse is intensifying the full moon, be mindful that you’re responding and not reacting to situations. This may require that you take a breath (or 10) before reacting. What helps you feel more peaceful? Use meditation, journaling, yoga, essential oils, breath work, and whatever other tools help you manage your emotions.  The eruptive energy may cause you to feel on edge, irritable, changes in direction, and unexpected twists and turns. Use your tools to navigate it all. Using your tools will help you drop into your peaceful, calm place so you get different results.

What are you reclaiming with the Aquarius Full Moon?