The Scorpio New Moon is intense and focused.  It helps you dig deep into buried emotions and hidden elements of your psyche. It helps you transform insecurities and fears as well as the old way of doing things. Every new moon presents an opportunity to plant new seeds, begin projects and set new intentions. The moon stirs your emotions and reminds you to learn to flow with nature’s rhythms and tides.

Scorpio New Moon
The Scorpio New Moon takes place on October 27, 2019 at 11:38 pm ET (8:38 pm PT).  The watery energy is deeply emotional and helps you resolve emotional pain. It uncovers what’s been hidden. This water sign is transformative and helps you breakthrough the shell that’s been holding you back. Consider this an emotional new beginning.

The Scorpio New Moon is tenacious, pushing you closer towards your goals. It helps you fine tune your desires, fueled by your emotions. It creates laser focus in your intentions. It’s passionate, driven and direct. Are there changes taking place that are shifting your focus and direction? Your guides and the Scorpio New Moon are supporting you.

Clearing the Path!
Scorpio helps bring to the surface what has been hidden. With Uranus sitting opposite of this New Moon there is an emotional awakening.  There a sense of being done and ready to move to the next step. Uranus presents shocking opportunities and exposes what isn’t right. It brings truth to perceptions.  It helps you break free from old programming; brings light to emotional wounds; and  unravels secrets to help you see a new reality. It supports you in transforming unresolved pain into your power. Where are you fed up and say enough? Uranus, the Sun and Moon are helping you discover what you’re fed up and ready for an emotional fresh start.

There is a sense of metamorphosis with the Scorpio New Moon. It’s the Phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s the caterpillar turned into the butterfly. How have you changed? Take time to asses where you’re at and how you’ve grown. This will help you rise to the next level.  It important to let go of fear, and believing the past will repeat. This will help you process fears and overcome doubt, and catapult your growth to a new level.

Scorpio helps you look at personal power struggles. It dives in deep into what needs to be healed.  Where have you taken on other people’s stuff? Where have you given your power away? What relationships hold you hostage because of codependency? Scorpio helps you look at shared resources and helps you make the necessary changes to break free from unhealthy situations.  There a sense on undoing and shedding old patterns to create new ones. It’s supporting you in clearing away other people’s stuff and get to YOUR pure energy state.

Venus and Mercury are also in Scorpio. These personal planets are also helping you reclaim your power, be more powerful, and stand in your truth. It’s supporting an inner journey into seeing new aspects of your power and understanding how emotions have been running your world.  It’s helping you be honest and clear about the inner work that needs to be done. It’s helping you trust your inner guidance and yourself in this process as the Scorpio energy is tuning into your untapped potential. It’s helping you realize your true strengths, power and how to be yourself.

Mercury will be going retrograde October 31st through November 20th. Scorpio will intensify this Mercury transition as it clears out the old patterns and programming. As the New Year and new decade quickly approaches there is a cleansing of what’s you’ve been healing and helping you return to your true self.  It’s polishing the rough edges helping you be more refined and graceful. You’re done with the layers of work you’ve been doing and it’s important to leave it ALL behind before you enter the new decade. Notice anything that’s been holding you back or hanging onto you. There is a huge opportunity to heal it. What are clearing and healing? What are you ready to step into? It’s time to claim that part of you and move into the new decade with your intentions.

Review your astrology birth chart and find out where these major changes are taking place. This will help you in letting go of the past, embrace your path and create your Good Vibe Life.  Need some help navigating your chart? Schedule a session with Jana. During a session you’ll receive insight into your birth chart and how the planets are influencing you now, you’ll receive energy/healing work to balance of your chakras, and clear out emotional baggage and past programming. As a result of sessions clients report to feel more grounded, feel energized, have more clarity and understanding about themselves, and are inspired to take action towards their goals.

Tools for the Scorpio New Moon

Essential oils are a powerful tool that support you in releasing emotional blocks, manage stress, open your heart and restore balance. What essential oils are you drawn to use for the New Moon?

Frankincense & Bergamot – both enhance you ability to see your truth and personal worth. They boost self-esteem and confidence. Simply put a drop of oil on your hands and breathe it in or diffuse it.

Juniper Berry  – supports in releasing fears. You are enough! It’s important to sear this into your brain so you start acting as if you deserve the good stuff you want. As you move away from fear your energy flow increases you’ll manifest more of the good stuff you want. Put a drop on your pulse points, especially at night.

doTERRA’s Align Blend – helps you tune into what you really want. This complex blend of essential oils helps you attract the people and opportunities to support you. Apply on the inner part of your arms, along your spine, the bottom of your feet or simply breathe it in to align with what you want.

doTERRA’s Arise Blend – helps you rise up after challenges and transform pain into personal power.  Use this blend on pulse points, over your heart, on the crown of your head.

You can learn more about these and other essential oils, as well as discover essential oils that will support you in manifesting more by joining us for the Good Vibe Oil Tribe essential oil call right after the Scorpio New Moon Masterclass.

Journal with the Scorpio New Moon
Reclaim your power by purifying your thoughts and emotions, and create clarity with writing.

– Gratitude Journal: spend time writing about all the things you’re grateful for and feel the gratitude within your body. Gratitude opens the door to receiving more. When you feel grateful for what you already have, without the thought that something is missing, then the Universe sends you more!

– Emotional Release Journal: The Scorpio New Moon is a  great time to reclaim your power! Release painful emotions! Let go of the past. Transform pain in your personal storehouse of power. Write letters to those who have hurt you. Think about the lessons you’ve learned through difficult relationships. Practice forgiveness. Do whatever you need to do to clear the path and prepare for an amazing New Year, new you, new decade!

– Joy & Happiness list: Make a list of things that bring you joy. Then every few days do something off your list to help your ego/mind see that you “in-joying” life. Self-care is a great way to raise your vibe, which in turn helps you manifest more.

Journal Prompts
Use these journal prompts to help you gain clarity and formulate ideas. During the new moon journal “as if” your goals have already been achieved. It’s a very powerful tool to engage your imagination and plant seeds in the subconscious. People that visualize themselves achieving their goals are more likely to achieve them. Visualize yourself making the sell, getting the job, building healthy relationships, being fit and healthy, or whatever your goals are for the new moon.

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Scorpio New Moon Masterclass
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The Scorpio New Moon helps you reclaim your power.   
It’s helping you reclaim your power and prepare for the next step. It’s opening you up to better relationships as you honor what you’ve overcome emotional pain.

What are of your life is this New Moon influencing?

What intentions are you setting with the New Moon?

How will you stay aligned with your goals?

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