Yay, you survived eclipse season and a crazy summer of retrograde planets. If you’ve felt frustrated and unable to get things going, you’re not alone. It was a introspective time that gave you time to strategically plan your next steps. As we move into the Virgo New Moon, you can finally put your plans into motion.

The Virgo New Moon
Takes place on September 9, 2018 at 2:01 pm EDT (11:01 am PDT). As an earth sign, Virgo supports you in feeling more grounded and centered. It helps you find that still place within. Virgo provides inspiration to take practical action towards your goals. It helps you bring your goals into physical form by connecting you with the daily habits that make them reality. Virgo relates to your work and how you use your time. As you set your new moon intentions set time aside each day to work towards it – even if it’s only visualizing yourself achieving it.

Cleanse & Purify
The Virgo New Moon supports rejuvenating and revitalizing yourself, your home, and your body. Is there an area in your home that needs to be organized? Do you need to cleanup your diet? Maybe you need to detoxify your thoughts or emotions. Virgo supports you in creating a whole new energy body. As you set your Virgo New Moon intentions find what astrology houses it falls in for you so you strategically set goals. Think about what area of your life you’re ready to cleanse and purify.

Chiron’s Healing Support
Virgo rules Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Because of Virgo’s deep connection with the earth and health, it’s tied to earth medicine such as herbal medicine and essential oils. This may be a good time to study alternative medicine or look into alternative healing modalities to support your health and well being. Mother Earth provide everything you need to restore balance and harmony.

Earth Energy
There is a Grand Earth Trine taking place September 7, 2018. It’s a good time to put into practice habits that support Mother Earth. Simple things such as using refillable water bottles, or taking your bags to the store can make a big difference. Mother Earth will heal when everyone does their part. With this Grand Earth Trine, Mercury – the planet of thinking in Virgo; Saturn – the planet of grounding and establishing in Capricorn; and Uranus – the planet of innovation and awakening in Taurus. The Grand Trine helps you manifest your goals in physical form, grounds your dreams, and helps you reach for the stars. Since we are constantly co-creating watch your thoughts so you’re getting what you want, and remember to dream big!

Tools for the Virgo New Moon
– Essential oils are a powerful source that support opening your heart and helping restore love and trust. Two of my favorite oils for healing and opening the heart are Ylang Ylang and Geranium. We have all experienced betrayal and perhaps still harbor feelings of resentment. These two oils applied over the heart help restore feelings of trust and opening up to love. Essential oils support your overall health on quantum levels – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Are you interested in learning about what essential oils will specifically support you? Schedule a free 30 minute Wellness Consultation with Jana. As a quantum healer, she guides you with her intuition to find the right essential oils that support your body’s needs, balanced chakras, and restore homeostasis.

– Yoga poses: for the Virgo New Moon try heart opening yoga poses such as camel, cobra, eagle, triangle pose, cat/cow or bridge pose to help open restrictive energy within the heart and restore energy flow. Use essential oils over the heart and on the bottom of your feet prior to yoga or meditation to enhance your practice and open you up to receiving more.

– Heart-centered meditation: Nothing is more powerful than focusing on love and expanding the love vibration throughout your body. To do this, envision something or someone you love in front of you, focus on what you feel within your heart, then begin to imagine and amply that vibration throughout the rest of your body.

Journal with the Virgo New Moon
Restore balance and create clarity by journaling.

– Gratitude Journal: spend time writing about all the things you’re grateful for and feel the gratitude within your body. Gratitude opens the door to receiving more. When you feel grateful for what you already have, without the thought that something is missing, then the Universe sends you more!

– Forgiveness Journaling: One of the most powerful practices you can adopt is that of forgiving yourself and others. It only hurts you to hold onto resentments, lowering your frequency and ability to attract what you want. Write a letter to someone you need to forgive. Tell them how you feel and either send it to them or burn it. Uses the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono healing technique to help you shift the energy between you and others. It’s a powerful practice that facilitates amazing results.

– Joy list: Make a list of things that bring you joy. Then every few days do something off your list to help your ego/mind see that you “in-joying” life. Self-care is a great way to raise your vibe, which in turn helps you manifest more.

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