I know it’s silly… but I still get excited about New Year’s Eve. It’s the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Some chapters seem to be more memorable than others, some I’d rather forget all together, but it feels like a great time to make a change. Not to mention, January is my birthday month. Yes I celebrate the two weeks before my birthday and the two weeks after! So every day in January is a party for me!
So I know for many making changes (resolutions) to do something different may be a challenge. Often times when we fail to work towards a goal it give us an opportunity to beat ourselves up. So why even try, right? But what if you stopped with the negative criticism? What if you kept moving forward even when you hit bumps in the road?
I haven’t had a client yet that moved forward continuously. No! We move forward a few steps, then back a couple, then forward again.
Any change requires that we step out of our comfort zone. That’s why we take the steps forward and when it feels too uncomfortable then we try to get back to our comfort zone. It’s a touch stone to give us a familiar place to come back to, yet we know the situation no longer works for us so we find the courage to move forward again and again. You did this pattern when you were younger and you’ll do it every time you make a change.
Keep in mind this isn’t a race or destination… it’s a journey. As we make changes within us, we create changes outside of us. The journey is more important than the final goal. What’s most important is that we continue on a path, no matter how jagged, moving in the direction of our dreams.
If we keep this in mind anything we set in motion to change and fuel with your emotions will be successful. How many times have you made resolutions that you did for other people? It’s no wonder you failed! The emotional charge wasn’t there feeding it!
Your intentions, goals, resolutions, or whatever you want to call them have to come from your heart! It isn’t what your spouse wants, or your family, or your boss, or your friends, or whomever, this is about you and what you want.
Without the heart and your emotions fully committed, your success or ability to achieve your goals will be limited. So before you dive into your New Year’s resolutions take a step back and ask yourself, “How emotionally committed am I to this goal? Am I doing this to please someone else? Am I doing this to feed my ego?”
By stepping back and seeing what is really motivating your goal you may gain valuable insight into yourself. By learning more about yourself you’ll discover underlying resistance that holds you back from getting what your really want.
This year is about YOU!
It’s about YOU healing to your highest possible perfection!
It’s about YOU creating what you want!
It’s about YOU caring enough about yourself to heal and evolve!
It’s about YOU shifting your prioritize so align yourself with your God/Goddess-self!
You have the capacity within you for greatness. Now is your time to shine and create an AMAZING year.
Happy New Year! Happy New You! Celebrate the God/Goddess YOU are!
What can I do to help you manifest YOUR brillance in 2011 and beyond?