Crash into me.
Devan, my daughter, and I bobbed up and down in the ocean last Sunday. It’s not often I get in water at Avila Beach. It’s typically around 65 degrees, not a tropical paradise. But it’s been unusually hot and the water looked inviting. After several minutes I felt it. That pull of energy around my legs as the ocean gathered everything beneath me to create it’s next wave. Before now the waves had been small, but this one was different. It was going to be a big one. I knew I was trapped. It was about to crash over our heads and there was no way to escape. Sure enough, Devan and I were engulfed by it’s power and presence. After it hit, we sputtered and giggled both surprised by it’s size.
As we prepare for the Fall Equinox and Aries Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, I was reminded of this experience. This is a condensed and intense time frame where tremendous shifts may take place. The time between the Virgo New Moon/Eclipse and the Aries Full Moon Eclipse is about purification, being authentic, and standing in your power. This includes letting all the stuff at the bottom of your emotional ocean to come up and get resolved. It’s power and presence may feel overwhelming. Just like the wave that consumed us, you may feel uncertain, deeply emotional, and challenged beyond what you believe you can manage. But you are strong, and will never be given anything you can’t handle. So get ready, and let the fun begin!
It’s big. It’s bold. And pushes you to take action!
The Aries Full Moon takes place on September 27, 2015 at 10:52pm EDT (7:52pm PDT). This full moon packs a punch because it’s also a lunar eclipse, a harvest moon, and a blood moon. This combination is a rare event, and not one that should be taken lightly. It’s going to be dynamic and most likely a game changer for its effects will be felt for years to come.
The Eclipse and Full Moon in Aries.
Full moons intensify your emotions. And eclipses take it to a completely new level. Think of the full moon as being energetically multiplied by a factor of 2 or 3 and you’ll get the gist of it’s effects. Eclipses bring to light what has been lurking at the bottom of your emotional world. The ocean is constantly churning, purging and cleansing, and this too is taking place for you. This eclipse may remove your perceptions of reality so you see things more clearly. As the old is cleared away, it makes room to rebuild or create something new.
The Aries – Libra Axis.
The full moons often feel like you are being pulled in opposite directions. And essentially you are. When the is sun in one astrological sign, in this case Libra, and the moon in the opposite astrological sign, Aries, there is a need to find balance between your needs (Aries) and the needs of others (Libra).
Aries provokes you to take action. As a fire sign it is energetic, passionate, courageous, and supports you in becoming self-sufficient. All full moons remind you to find balance. When the full moon in Aries, there is a delicate balance between your personal needs and balancing the needs of others with the sun in Libra.
Libra focus is on balancing relationships. This includes relationships with other people including spouses/partners, friends, family, your children, and coworkers. This is all about who you are in those relationships. Since you are in a relationship with everything this is a good moon to find balance in your physical self, your higher-self, how you relate to people, your career, your relationships with money, the environment, Mother earth, and any other relationship issues that come to light.
At the time of the full moon, think about what how you want to be new and different (Aries). Although this is a full moon, the Aries energy is all about new beginnings. The full moon helps you alter your course so you achieve what you want. Ask yourself,
“Where have I given too much away in this relationships?”
“Where am I not getting enough support from my relationships?
“Am I too self-centered that I’m not present in my relationships?”
It’s okay to be a self-absorbed with this full moon.
Aries supports your independence, self-discovery, and determining what you want. Healing yourself first is advised so you are prepared to assist other people. Before change can occur there is often chaos and destruction in preparation for the new, especially if you’re resistant to change. There may external systems or internal systems that need to be torn down before they can be rebuilt. A restructuring of your home, traditions, and value you grew up with may come to light with this full moon.
Open to Change.
It will be exciting to see the changes that take place. Be ready to reach out to build the new. Keep yourself grounded in truth during these transitions when people around you may be in drama and chaos. As we hold our light for others, they will find their way. Be an example for other people so they can follow your lead and weather any storm.
New beginnings?
There is an enthusiasm for new beginnings with this full moon. What goals did you set with the Aries new moon? There may be new insight and a boost of energy that takes you closer towards them or adjusts the course. Be conscious of the natural rhythms around you to capitalize on going with the flow versus swimming against the current.
Balance the Full Moon/Eclipse intensity.
Use Mindful Breathing Exercises to help you manage the fierce full moon/eclipse energy. Use essential oils such as frankincense, cedarwood, white fir, or lavender for calming and grounding. Use essential oils such as ylang ylang or peppermint to lighten up your mood.
Ride the wave and easily navigate this powerful Aries Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!