We move out of the Taurus influence and into the Gemini New Moon this week. Gemini is an air sign and inspires our intellect and ability to communicate our ideas.
The Gemini New Moon
Takes place on June 4, 2016 at 11:01pm EDT (8:01pm PDT). As an air sign, Gemini brings in ideas and inspiration. This is a good cycle to evaluate your ability to communicate and boost your social skills. Gemini supports all forms of communication — this includes listening as well as speaking, writing, and teaching.
Gemini inspires your curious nature. So follow your inner promptings and expand your perspectives. Listen to other people’s points of view with an open mind to expand your horizons. Join a new group or class to help you get out of your comfort zone and be more social and open up to new ideas.
During this cycle you may set your intentions or be inspired to take a class or share your knowledge by teaching others. Knowledge is power! Even in teaching you learn how to communicate your ideas more effectively. Find ways to share your knowledge and gifts with the world.
Gemini and the Sacral Chakra
The Sacral Chakra is the center of gestation. This includes the gestation of ideas and Gemini supports the expression of these new ideas.
This power center affects our personal power and beliefs about how much power we have and can express. Use this Gemini New Moon to support ideas that have been percolating. Between the new and full moon there may be inspiration that takes your ideas to the next level.
Imbalances within this chakra show up as lower back discomfort, circulation issues, leg issues, sexual issues, and addictions. The primary fears related to this chakra are “fear of change and fear of pleasure.”
Use essential oils, energy releasing techniques, breath work, journaling, and yoga to restore balance within your chakras. For other information about chakra balancing click on the button below.
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Tools to Support the Gemini Energy
Because Gemini is a highly active mental energy, using tools to help bring energy into your body and connecting to the earth is vital. Especially focus on protecting and calming the nervous system. Find tools such as essential oils, journaling, spending time in nature, or using yoga to provide focus.
Gemini Essential Oils
Wild orange, bergamot, or lemon to inspire your creative genius
Cinnamon and clove add more “spice” to life
Lavender and marjoram calms and supports the nervous system
Ylang Ylang inspires creativity and enhances simple perspectives
Frankincense supports healthy brain function and helps you feel more grounded
Breath Work
Use mindful breathing exercises to help oxygenate your brain and body during this high mental active time. Breathing deeply allows you to function better and feel more grounded. Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to help calm or energize yourself. Simply place the oil of your choice in your hands, rub them together, cup them over your nose and mouth, and breathe in deeply.
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Gemini Journaling
Use journaling to address difficult issues or emotions that have been coming up. This structure helps you put issues and emotions into perspective. It also helps you find solutions and resolve them.
Journaling also helps you add structure to ideas. Putting your pen to paper is a powerful way to formalize your thoughts and fully express what’s been running around in your head. You may find the structure helps you move forward because you’re able to see possible pathways to make your thoughts reality.
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Gemini New Moon Magic
The Gemini New Moon is a highly active, intellectual and creative cycle. Use this energy to expand your ideas, learn more, and be inspired by people around you. Join our New Moon call on Saturday June 4th.