The Leo New Moon takes place on August 14, 2015 at 10:53am EDT.
Warm, authoritative, magnanimous Leo hosts the New Moon this week. As a fire sign, Leo inspires us to put ourselves into the world in a completely different way. It asks the question, “Who am I and how do I want to present myself to the world?”
Take Action!
Leo motivates us to take action. It’s time to take center stage and make the changes that will take us to the next level. Incorporate the characteristics of Leo to step out of your comfort zone. Leo’s key characteristics and questions this cycle:
Authoritative – How can I be more authoritative of myself, my life, and choices?
Creative – How can I express myself creatively?
Generous – How can I be of service to others?
Playful – Spontaneous – How can I be more playful and spontaneous, having more fun?
Open – Why is it so easy for me to be open to new ideas and opportunities?
Proud – What are my wins in life? This week? Today?
No need for a double espresso this week.
We get a double shot to amp us up as the Leo New Moon joins Jupiter, the planet of luck, which move into Virgo. All the ideas that have been mulling around for the past 13 months with Jupiter being in Leo, now get put into action for the next year as Jupiter moves into Virgo. Virgo is all about implementation and taking the simple steps to put our ideas into action. It will be exciting to see what ideas actually take hold, and what ones get dropped. Be inspired by your inventiveness, but flexible to see what really works. The ball is gathering momentum.
The House of Family
Leo rules the 5th House – The House of Family. This includes our close relationships and communicating on a personal level. It also helps us express what we personally like or dislike. You may be triggered to express difference of opinions and your likes/dislikes with the Leo New Moon. It’s important to communicate what you like since other’s won’t know until you verbalize it.
Leo and the Chakras
Leo is associated with the 3rd chakra – the solar plexus. The solar plexus is our gut instinct. It is the seat of our personal power. Since Leo is the King of the Jungle it knows it’s powerful. It doesn’t need to prove itself to anyone. How can you more effectively stand in your personal power? Where are you still allowing your power to leak out? Where are you giving your power away? This power center helps us put our ideas into action. Without action nothing can be achieved. How can you build self-confidence and self-esteem with the Leo New Moon?
Imbalances and the 3rd Chakra
Imbalances in the 3rd chakra show up as digestive issues including ulcers, acid reflux, heartburn, diabetes, liver disorders, eating disorders, and inability to process food effectively. The primary fear associated with the 3rd chakra is the inability to put ideas into action. When working with this new moon ask yourself, “What ideas do I need to take action on now?” Some action is better than no action. Many people fail at reaching their goals because they want to take big leaps and strides towards them. Instead look at taking small steps and create sustainable habits that incrementally move you forward. Small actions make a big difference.
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    Go All In with the Leo New Moon!
    Swing for the fences!
    Play full out!
    Take big action!

    Leo’s determined, risk-taking, ambitious energy will catapult your progress forward for months to come if you’re willing to take action. How can you build up your self-worth?