The Libra Full Moon brings awareness to relationships.
The full moon will highlight what needs to be worked on. What do you need – more balance by setting healthy boundaries, speaking up, and standing in your power? The Libra Full Moon will help you do that.
The Libra Full Moon
It takes place on April 11, 2017 at 2:08 am ET (April 10th 11:08 pm PT). The full moon helps us see things from a different perspective when we are open and observe what we are being shown.
Libra emphasizes relationships and creating balance.
This can be with existing relationships or new ones. Libra is concerned about fairness and concern for others, where the Aries sun in primarily concerned with the self. Libra is about community and connecting with others. The Libra energy is generous, heart-centered and focuses on inter-connectedness. Libra enhances and helps balance the male and female energies within all of us. The shifts that take place within us are opening us up to live our lives differently, as they expand our consciousness.
Libra ruled by Venus
Libra is ruled by Venus, the Divine Feminine energy. This supports us in being more compassionate, loving, and just with all relationships. Women are being inspired to stand in their power and become strong leaders utilizing the principles of divine love. Men are tapping into their intuitive side and integrating these attributes into their lives, creating balance, peace, and harmony. This new way of operating is providing a greater sense of compassion and understanding towards everyone. Be open to what new way of thinking that is coming to light for you.
What is coming up for you?
With the sun and moon in opposite astrology signs, there is an organic pull that creates frustration, heightened emotions, and feeling agitated. How do you respond to these influences? Are you reacting or overreacting? Do you feel destructive? Do you fall into patterns of self-sabotage? The full moons provide a ripe opportunity to break from of past patterns and programming. What tools will you use to manage things differently so you get different results – meditation, prayer, yoga, exercise, time in nature, journaling or essential oils? Use these journal prompts to help you connect deeply with your inner self to discover what is coming to light for you.
Open your heart!
The Libra Full Moon encourages you to let go of the past and open your heart. That means letting go of the fears about being heart if we open up to love. The light is being activated within you to love more and feel compassion versus the darkness of fear. Use these essential oils to support you. Blend Ylang Ylang, Geranium and White or Douglas Fir. These oils are powerful remedy in releasing anger, resentment, and distrust so you are open to receiving more love. Begin with loving yourself by using these essential oils. Need to feel more connected with your community? Try Cedarwood. What essential oils are calling you with this Full Moon? Apply them over the heart to open up and receive more love.
Mercury retro April 9th – May 3rd
Mercury will be retrograde during the Libra Full Moon. Mercury is the planet of communication, which means that communicating in relationships could be a challenge. Slow down, listen more closely to what is being said, and ask for clarification. This is also a time where you may want to use discernment and trust your intuition see the truth of other people or situation that you feel uneasy about. You’ll gain clarity and self-confidence in the process.
This delicious Libra Full Moon provides ample opportunities to see yourself differently, be more mindful about your reactions, and discover what emotions need your attention.
What will you reclaim with the Libra Full Moon?