The Libra Full Moon brings relationships into focus
Relationships require a balancing act based on compromise, setting boundaries, being respectful, while standing in our power. Wow that’s a lot to juggle. This not only includes relationships with other people, but how we related to everything around us. With the Libra Full Moon consider reviewing relationships between you and nature, your health, food, addictions, and of course other people. Relationships are the magnifying glass through which we see ourselves.
The Libra Full Moon takes place on March 23, 2016 at 8:01 am EDT (5:01 am PDT)
The full moon stirs our emotions and is a reminder of what issues we need to face. There is a culmination of events that is building since we set our intentions with the Pisces New Moon. The people, opportunities, and events may be coming together to make our Pisces new moon goals reality or continue to move us in the right direction. Be mindful of whatever is coming up. Honor your body, mind, and spirit through exercise, stretching, breathing exercises, eating well, drinking plenty of water, and getting ample sleep. Our body knows what it needs. When we tune into the subtle messages we navigate the energetic waves the full moon brings.
Eclipse with the Libra Full Moon
The Pisces New Moon and eclipse was intense for me. It felt more like a full moon. I know many of you felt the same way. Hold on, because we’ve got another eclipse with the Libra Full Moon. This should be interesting! Eclipses can create dramatic shifts and changes in our lives. We have had several big blasts with eclipses since 2013. This one should be the last BIG one (fingers crossed). Eclipses have a way of demanding attention. There can be sudden changes in plans. If you’ve got plans in the works, then time frames may be accelerated. This type of eclipse may create sudden endings. With the eclipse is Libra, the spotlight is on relationships – marriages, partnerships, business, or any one-on-one relationship. Watch what is coming up without fear or judgement. Simply observe what is taking place, and go with the flow. The Universe is “pushing” you forward and the rapid progress may be exhilarating and scary — like riding a roller coaster. You may feel a bit off kilter with this one, so dive into your spiritual tool box and practice all the delicious rituals that help you release tension.
Balancing the Libra – Aries Axis
Where Libra’s focus is on relating to others, Aries focuses on the self. With the Full Moon notice issues related asserting yourself versus compromising. Are you standing in your power? Is your voice being heard? Are you being stubborn or unyielding? Maintain a healthy level of self-respect without being overly selfish. We need to honor our desires while conmpromising to accommodate the needs of others.
Questions to Ponder with the Libra Full Moon
What is being reflected through my relationships now?
How do I find balance between having my needs met and compromising to accommodate others?
What do I need to release to rebalance my life?
Libra Full Moon Ritual
Write down emotions, situations, beliefs, and people you wish to release with the full moon. With Libra being an air sign, using symbolic gestures related to air or the wind is helpful with the release process. Breathe your Full Moon intentions into a stick or leaf — releasing it into the wind. Use essential oils such as geranium, white fir, ylang ylang over the heart is uplifting and helps restore love and trust. Need help standing in your power? Use bergamot over the 2nd chakra. Need support in maintaining better boundaries? Use clove essential oil. Need support for the nervous system? Use lavender along the spine. Need help to feel balanced? Tree oils such as frankincense, white fir, cypress, and juniper berry help you feel more anchored and grounded.
Abundance Activation – Full Moon + DNA Activations
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