With the New Moon it’s a time to embrace the liberating, energizing vibration of Aquarius.
Aquarius influences us to look at our truth and the truth of situations around us. It’s supports us to lovingly address what emotions and situations has been bottled up and brewing under the surface so we let go of the past and embrace the future.
Aquarius brings with it the vibration thinking outside of the box, equality, fairness, freedom, innovation, a rebel and reformist. When you feel out of sorts, fearful, stubborn, doubting in the timing or the process, use affirmations to shift lower vibrating thoughts into higher ones.
Here are some affirmations for the New Moon in Aquarius. Use them as a guide or create your own.
I easily see my truth
I am focused on the present, and easily let go of the past
I easily forgive myself and others
I am innovative
I am grateful to embrace ideas that are outside of the box
I have faith and follow my intuition and instincts