When the Moon reaches its peak on July 22, 2013 at 2:16pm EDT (11:16am PDT) it falls into the astrological sign of Aquarius. The opposition between the sun in Leo and the moon in Aquarius is often a time of celebration. Yet serious Saturn in Scorpio complicates the picture.
The summer is bustling with activity on both a personal and planetary level. The Aquarius Full Moon often brings heightened restlessness as it stirs up the desire to break through stifling mindsets, patterns, beliefs, and situations. Aquarius brings spontaneous changes, eccentric behavior, impulsive creativity, disruptions of patterns, and unusual circumstances. This could result in shocking transitions, a wake-up call to see the truth, and/or open the door to new possibilities.
As we are just moving into the sign of Aquarius, the Full Moon you may feel a stillness or void a few hours or the day prior to the Full Moon. During a void-of-course moon perceptions are impaired, and many people have difficulty making decisions. This will last for only a day or two, so wait a couple of days after the Full Moon to finalize plans. You may have a different perspective by then.
The Moon, at its peak, illuminates issues and patterns that need attention. As emotions surface, take time to identify what you are feeling, acknowledge the emotions, release it, and replace it with what you want. For example, if issues come up related feeling unloved, ask the Universe to remove any situations where you feel unloved, unlovable, inadequate, etc. Then replace with affirmations such as, “I am competent, skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable. I am lovable. I am loved”
The Aquarius moon opposes Leo who rules the heart. Look for ways to honor yourself and strength self-esteem, and love yourself. The Aquarius Full Moon looks for ways to re-invent yourself. Be open to your inner guidance for clues as to the next step for you. You may be surprised and delighted by the inspiration you receive.
Another part of this Full Moon mix, is Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn challenges us to take a deeper look at our relationships. It is a good time to clarify your expectations, set boundaries, and brings to light what you put in versus what you’re getting out of the relationships. Aquarius again supports transition, so if you haven’t been truthful with your needs and wants, now would be a good time to speak up.
In honor of the Full Moon we are holding a Full Moon Healing conference call on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 at 9pm EDT (6pm PST). Click here to register. Can’t join us live? The call will be recorded and a link sent to you to listen at your convenience.
Break through barriers that hold you back from what you want with the Aquarius Full Moon. Use its impulsive behavior to move your life in the direction you chose.