With this New Moon we’re entering the astrological sign of Aries. Aries is an intense fire sign. And you may feel tension as we enter into this New Moon. Aries likes to act – think of it like a demanding child, who is unwilling to wait. And when it doesn’t get what it wants, it SCREAMS or uses temper tantrums to get his or her way!
If you’ve been feeling that your life is on the edge… Aries is going to help push you over. Just what you wanted to hear, right? You may not feel you’re ready, but Aries pushes us to let go and learn to trust our wits and instincts. If you’re still living in the belief that you’re in control, the energy of Aries is going to push you out of it.
And of course, you have a choice of how to respond to this – you can pick the hard way of resistance and fear or the easy way of surrender and trust in the Universe to provide for you!
When you are falling into old patterns or fearful, use affirmations to transform the old thought processes and patterns so you create something new.
Suggested affirmations:
I am empowered with inner courage and strength
I am courageous and follow my intuition
I am a pioneer and a leader
I am a spiritual warrior and others are inspired by me
I trust my higher-self to guide my path
I am energized and ready for action
I am dynamic and quick-witted

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Be bold and manifest what you want with the New Moon in Aries.