The Spicy Sagittarius Full Moon
Reaches it’s peak on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at 5:14pm EDT (2:14pm PDT). Our lives are flavored with it’s fun and expansive energy that pushes us to connect with our soul to discover our deeper purpose.
The Gemini-Sagittarius Polarity
With the full moon there is a natural tendency to feel pulled in two directions. The lesson is in finding balance between the two forces. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis brings our mental axis to light. The sun in Gemini supports us in thinking logically while the moon in Sagittarius stimulates our higher mind, inspiring us to expand our perspective. There may be a crisis of faith as it may be in conflict of our intuition. Be open to whatever this full moon is expanding within you.
Adventurous Sagittarius Full Moon
Sagittarius is intuitive and reminds us to trust our gut instincts. During this full moon you may be inspired to shift gears and move in a new direction which opens up new opportunities to achieve your goals. During the time of the full moon take note of spontaneous ideas or anything that brings a twinge of excitement. As a fire sign, Sagittarius can help us breakthrough barriers and limiting beliefs that have held us back. Sagittarius is on a quest for meaning and finding our higher purpose. It stimulates us to move beyond what we thought was possible and embrace uncertainty to get us to the next level.
Sagittarius Full Moon Rituals
With any full moon it’s important to feel grounded to help you navigate anything that comes up. Here are some suggestions to help you use the power of this full moon:
1) Spend time in nature connecting with your soul and address what wants to be known at this time.
2) Write a list of beliefs, emotions, patterns, people, events, or whatever you want to release.
3) Write a letter to someone you need to forgive — including yourself.
4) Use a fire or candle (in a safe way) to burn what you want to release, like your list or letter.
5) Write in your journal “acting as if” what you want is already here and how you’re celebrating your success.
6) Use essential oils to reprogram your subconscious by breathing them in while reciting affirmations or during meditation.
Review Sagittarius New Moon Goals
With each full moon it’s wise to review the goals you set six months ago. Since you are influenced by the same energy you can note progress and make adjustments to your course.
Sagittarius Full Moon Questions to Ponder
– Do I share from a truthful, enlightened place with people close to me?
– How can I enhance my spiritual connection and intuitive?
– What can I do to trust myself more?
Through quieting the mind and deep contemplation we are guided by our higher-self to achieve what we desire. It takes consistent practice. But like anything, the more we practice the easier it becomes.
Enjoy the inspirational Sagittarius Full Moon.
This is a time of self discovery and rejuvenation as we follow our passions that feed our soul.