Thanksgiving Gemini Full Moon
Celebrate Thanksgiving with the Gemini Full Moon. It takes place on November 23, 2018 12:39 am EST ( Nov 22nd 9:39 pm PST). Since Gemini rules the lower mind, thoughts, communication, and being social and Mercury being retrograde things good get interesting for Thanksgiving.

Gemini Full Moon
The full moon helps us face shadow aspects. It illuminates the hidden elements. The Gemini Full Moon will be a highly active, mental energy, especially with Mercury in the opposite sign – Sagittarius. Since emotions tend to run high with the full moon, notice what emotions are being triggered. With every full moon there is a natural tendency to be pulled in two directions. This full moon reminds us to find balance between logic (Gemini) and faith (Sagittarius). Remember to express feelings as they arise, let the lid off, and surrender the need to control what’s coming up – you’ll feel less frustrated releasing pent up energy.

Creative Expression
This full moon will be very creative as Gemini inspires communication – whether it’s writing, painting, drawing, or other forms of self expression. With the Gemini Full Moon there is an emphasis to be more flexible. Of course, most people resist change, but there are six planets in mutable signs which teaches us to adapt to what changes are in the works. Resistance is based in fear of the unknown. This is where Faith (Sagittarius Sun) will support you. So surrender and go with the flow.


What are you inspired by at this time?
With the Gemini Full Moon reclaim your creativity and self expression!

Be Open Minded and Curious
There may be an expansion of ideas that shift intentions with the Gemini Full Moon. Since the full moon is an external influence, be mindful of new ideas and suggestions that come from other people and situations. Listen more than you speak. You may have opportunities to see things from different perspectives as you listen to others, expanding your vision to a new level. Ask questions and seek clarity, without over analyzing or thinking too logically when addressing emotions and changing pattern.

 – Practice silence

 – Quiet the busy mind/chatter

 – Be flexible & flowing

 – Watch self-talk

Planetary Influences
With every full moon, the sun and moon are opposite each other.

Where does this fall in your birth chart?

What Houses it is affecting?

When you look at the houses it is influencing you can see opportunities for breakthroughs and healing. The Sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius may be inspiring you to take more risks and spice up your life. It inspires adventure and breaking free from the old ways of doing things.  Mercury along with Jupiter in Sagittarius, may make communication more blunt since Jupiter expands everything it touches. You may need to temper your tongue so your words don’t create more friction. Since there may be a lot of mental chatter, watch your self-talk so the thoughts you’re broadcasting are what you want instead what you don’t. Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius until December 6, 2018. Slow down to review, revise, and revisit all communication, making sure you’re being clear. With Mercury retrograde all forms of communication are affected – writing, speaking, thoughts, social media, etc.  So double check your messages to make sure they are being heard as intended.

Feeling Agitated?
The Full Moon reminds you to review what is taking place outside. Notice what emotions and programming is coming up. Use tools such as essential oils to help release them. Some of my favorites with the Gemini Full Moon include Frankincense, Cedarwood, or Sandalwood to help you connect more deeply with your higher-self. Since Gemini is an air sign, you may feel more flighty or spacey, using these oils will help you feel more grounded. Are you looking to be more expressive? Use essential oils such as Lavender for communication by calming the nerves, Bergamot for self-assurance or Lemon for clarity will support you. Essential oils help you manage your moods, emotions, and help you tap into higher inspiration. Check out how essential oils help you in manifesting more – Manifesting with Essential Oils.

Reclaim your creativity!
Reflect on what you have accomplished over the past six months since you set goals with the Gemini New Moon. What successes are you seeing? What progress are you making? What new steps will you take to reach your goals? What are you now inspired by?

What will you release and reclaim with the Gemini Full Moon?

Until next time, let your light shine – be brilliant and dazzling!

Happy Thanksgiving Gemini Full Moon!