Beauty & Harmony - Libra New Moon

Things are calming down. We've been through some moments of purification and healing over the past several months. For many people, the various retrograde planets and eclipses stirred up hidden elements that needed to be addressed. Now out of the chaos comes beauty and harmony....

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Big, Bold Aries Full Moon & Eclipse

Crash into me. Devan, my daughter, and I bobbed up and down in the ocean last Sunday. It's not often I get in water at Avila Beach. It's typically around 65 degrees, not a tropical paradise. But it's been unusually hot and the water looked inviting. After several minutes I felt it. That pull of energy...

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Fall Equinox 2015

We're moving into the fall season. The Fall Equinox takes place on September 23, 2015 at 4:21am EDT (1:21am PDT). As the days are getting shorter, we begin to look inward. Since the equinox is occurring during the solar and lunar eclipses, it is a powerful...

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Supercharged Virgo New Moon

The Virgo New Moon is supercharged by a solar eclipse. The solar eclipse intensifies the new moon, and puts our life in high gear. There may be unexpected events that push you forward towards your destiny. So get ready to jump start your life....

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