Choices – Gemini New Moon

May 15th, 2020|0 Comments

The sun and moon unite with the Gemini New Moon. It's a highly mental energy that stimulates ideas and creativity. Each new moon is a time of initiation, and planting new seeds of intention. It's

Cooperation – Libra Full Moon

April 2nd, 2020|0 Comments

The Libra Full Moon reveals balance in your life and your relationships. It's providing insight into your emotional needs and resolving conflict.  It's supporting you in finding balance between your personal needs and healthy relationships. Each

Initiation – Aries New Moon

March 18th, 2020|0 Comments

The Astrological New Year begins with the fiery Aries New Moon.  Aries as the first sign of the zodiac is about Initiation, entrepreneurship and a pioneering spirit.There is a sense of new ideas and a