Feminine Mastery - Cancer New Moon

Cancer New Moon + Solar Eclipse Strong emotional energy will emerge with the Cancer New Moon. It will be an intense time, and almost feel like a full moon. Use it's Divine Feminine energy to create change, enhance emotional stability, and strengthen relationships. The Eclipse...

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Restructuring - Capricorn Full Moon

Capicorn Full Moon As an earth sign, Capricorn inspires you to revel in the beauty of the earth. Plant a garden. Get out in nature. Play in the sun! The Capricorn Full Moon takes place on June 28, 2018 at 12:52am EDT (June 27th at...

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Superpowers Upgrade - Gemini New Moon

Supercharge Your Superpowers The Gemini Moon is supercharged since the moon will be closer to the earth. The gravitation pull between the moon and earth will be stronger, causing a greater pull within the water of your body. It...

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Live Fearlessly - Sagittarius Full Moon

Reflection The Full Moon presents a time for closure or seeing the fruits of your labor. The energy is raw and deeply emotional, especially since this full moon is also impacted by both a water and fire trine....

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Getting Rooted - Taurus New Moon

The earthy energy of Taurus is a reminder to strengthen your practice of grounding yourself. With this New Moon and shifts in Uranus into Taurus your world may be shaken up. Changes within and around you physically may shift your perceptions, your physical body, and...

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